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Work Drugs / Third Wave

Thomas sent this track to me on Soundcloud and it instantly registered as awesomeness. Definitely a little dreamy, with a description from Thomas as “smooth sailin’ yacht rock”. Their first album will be coming out early in the new year, so look for that. I’m sure it will be promising. You can grab this track here.

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Clint Mansell - Together We Will Live Forever

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Some new Marina & the Diamonds demos have been floating around the web since last night. Here’s one of them: Sex, Yeah. It’s still the same Marina we love, as ironic as ever. She’s currently working on her sophomore effort, which is rumoured to drop in October.

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Clock Opera (no stranger to disco naïveté) shatters his synths all over The Drums’ new single Me and The Moon; out tomorrow (it also includes that Twin Shadow Remix With No FX I posted earlier).

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Lykke Li - I Follow Rivers

New single. So so so good.

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Foster The People — “Helena Beat”

Foster The People have been quiet for some time. They’ve been in the studio recording their album and it’s nearly finished. Here’s their newest single.

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The motion graphics in this video is so great.  Song is by Ramona Falls which is a side project from some of the guys in Menomena.

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Bear Hands - Crime Pays

Oh my word.

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